Formal Dinner

That evening us Solent students were invited to dinner by the International Relations staff along with one of our Solent lecturers Sara.

It was quite different to what we were used to and we did our best to remember the etiquette the volunteers had taught us.

We took pictures and talked about our experiences in Yichang over dinner. Our history teach Haidi was also there.

None of the volunteers were permitted to eat with us so once dinner was over we were able to do as we pleased.

We walked up to the market near where we have eaten before by the uni building and had some drinks and chilled by ourselves.

The volunteers are great help, but it’s also really nice to sit and reflect and be calm sometimes. Everything has been so structured so any free time is welcomed.

We headed back and sat outside Figaro’s talking until the curfew time came and it was bed time again.

It was a nice change to our usual evening. The food was incredible, staff were great and red wine was a nice change from lukewarm water.

It was a great opportunity to have our own company.


Today I felt too poorly for breakfast again so went straight to our last Paper Cuting class with Vera.

The patterns we had today were tricky and intricate but we all gave it our best shot. As usual for our last lessons we took pictures with our teacher and said our goodbyes.

Our lunch was up by the uni building and market where us four were last night. We have got really used to the food now because there is a lot less left than there was in the beginning.

And we can all actually eat with chopsticks now!

We jumped on a tiny bus back to the form to change in time for Tai Chi. It was super hot today so our lesson was inside.

Despite not knowing any Chinese you almost feel like you understand it after being instructed to do things in that language.

However, our teacher was good! He showed you exactly what the moves did and had Bruce translate them for us.

Our Norwegian friend Rise was really good at it today and our teacher even asked her to perform our routine solo.

I’m alrighttt at it, I just forget the sequences sometimes so mine isn’t very fluent at all. Rise was a dancer and you can tell!

A nap, a shower and we were back downstairs meeting for a meal again. I guess it all seems very repetitive when you see it laid out like this.

The food was good but the chat was quite low because we were all so tired.

On our way back we stopped to get some drinks to have on the Figaro patio where we just talked and sat quietly.

Now I’m back in bed again. Tomorrow is calligraphy and our closing ceremony where Adam and Rise will be giving a speech.

None of us know where the time has gone.

Sometimes it feels like we’ve just turned up but other times it feels like we have always been here.

Might actually have to start packing for Beijing. 




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