The Beijing Five

Hannah and Patch have not long left now and it’s just the five of us. Last night we had a closing ceremony where Rise and Adam had to do a speech and the volunteer put together a slideshow of pictures from the trip and a video.

We were also invited to dinner with the teachers which was pretty nice. Afterwards we returned to our home from home, Figaro, and sat outside with music and snacks.

We were all in a quite a strange mood to start with and I know that I was personally restless.

However, today, we’ve had breakfast, seen off two Solent pals and we’re just killing time til Beijing. We’re all just resting and I’m getting the energy up to wrestle with my zipper on my case!

There’s so much to clean as well. Hannah has left me a nice load of stuff that needs to go in the bin – cheers Han 😉 – so I’ll be making lots of trips in the lift later too.

But for now, it’s nap time.




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